The ESN will be available to purchase as of Saturday 20th September from any Herts ESN Commitee Member at any of the events we host and attend. 

The card comes with great offers from all of the ESN Herts Partners, with deals including a free drink every time you visit Oceana Watford and many more. All offers are EXCLUSIVE to ESN card members, so this is really worth getting. 

The price of the card is only £10, which when concidering the offers you will recieve it really is worth it. For example, if you go to Oceanna 4 nights in one year, you've already made your money back on the Free drinks you can get. #Result

You can also check out the other great ESN offers with the card across the globe on the website Take a look and see just how much more you can get for your money!

Please note that it is VERY important to fill in your ESN card! When you buy one, fill in the information and add a photo! Without a photo your ESN card is NOT VALID! Just print out your facebook profile pic, and you’re good to go ;)

Here's an example of a filled in ESN Card:

Higher education institution: The University or hogeschool you study at. Most likely this will be Hertfordshire University
ESN Section: ESN Hertfordshire
Country: country where you’re doing your Erasmus, so UK.
Valid since: the date on which you bought your ESN card