From November 10th till November 16th 2014, Europe will once again be the domain of the SocialErasmus Week. ESN Hertfordshire would organise volunteering events and we want you!

With our actions, we strive to connect the international students, participating ESN’ers and the less fortunate of the local communities involved. All over Europe, we seek to reach further, to go higher, but most of all to go social, in order to create an undeniable and long lasting positive impact on the local communities that we are so intertwined with.

If you have not yet thanked your local community for their warm heartedness towards you, if you spirit has always felt the urge to help and inspire others in need, or if you are motivated to connect to one of the largest movements with an great social impact, then we welcome you to join our family and to become active during the SocialErasmus Week Autumn 2014!

For more information about how to become active, feel free to contact us


Here are the events Planned for the ESN Hertfordshire SocialErasmus week so far:

12 November: Ele House meet and greet/Bonk Nightout

13 November: Pillow fIght and Flash mob at hutton hall (above the Student Union office)

14th November: Nightout in Brighton

Come along and volunteer, don't forget to invite your friends.